well,here we are again.

staring at the intricate thoughts of someone we may not ever know.

Tell me your story.

Candles gleam like fallen stars lighting up the dim night sky, a message to those still searching, “ I’m still here, you’re not alone just yet.” though the world is vast and mysterious you’ve the courage of a lion and the eyes of an owl, and with these two things you will find your place, wherever you so choose it to be, for you are the author of this story. You the humble narrator, victim, hero and villain all in one, the boy that pulled the trigger on the shot heard round the world, and the man that took the bullet square in the chest. You are the sole embodiment of this story, and you barely even know it yet.

God knows it hasn’t been an easy road, you’ve met your fair share of wolves and serpents. Hell some may be closer to you then you’ve ever thought possible, the heart knows not of valor and righteousness, only of longing. The man in the mirror isn’t who he used to be, what once was a child filled with wonder and hope and boundless energy is now an adult wrought with age. Maybe a little wiser, maybe a little colder, time may heal all wounds, but it never seems to care for the ones it creates. It hasn’t been all bad though, with every demon there comes an angel, and you’ve friends that will follow you up to heaven, if you ever get there. Just close your eyes, say a prayer, and hope for the best.

This is not a memorial, nor is it a funeral, nor celebration. It simply is, and in the end that’s all it needs to be. Everything in the world has a place, demands something, speaks for someone or about someone, this is your place. You don’t need to do anything at all, simply be. This is the most important thing you could ever do, for you are limitless. Infinite potential unearthed by only the most ravaging of self realization, created and destroyed in the most beautiful of ways simply because it can be. You are everything in this world, and nothing can replace you.

Who am I you may ask? I am merely the observer, the one watching you go cheering you on from the sidelines waiting to see where my character ends up and wondering if I have any say in how your story turns out. I am a humble piece in the puzzle you’ve built for yourself, and I only have one question.

What’s next?

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